Straight to the facts.

There exists so many different kinds of health products, supplements, and regiments for getting into shape, maintaining stamina and health, hair growth, improving eye sight, building muscle, and so much more. In fact, it would likely take a long time to learn about all the existing methods that exist all over the world, twice as long to test each method and product to see which has a LONG-TERM and NOTICEABLE effect for each individual.

You probably hear through television ads, word of mouth, Internet, magazines, articles, or any kind of media about what the celebrities use, what has been in development in science, and what trainers use to keep themselves and their clients in good health. In this day and age of information and technology, humans have access to exponentially vast amounts of information, even more than the average human can handle so it’s easy to find what it is you’re looking for. However, it’s not always easy to discern what works and doesn’t, and it’s important to know what to look for. The case remains the same with health products.

Many supplements and regiments, like multivitamins, health foods and drinks, certain weight loss programs and dieting fads, have gained a lot of publicity and fame due to the constant advertising. It’s common to hear many success stories and testimonials on behalf of their advantages. It’s great that it’s working for some people, but there are many downsides that aren’t favorable when exposed.

Let’s talk about multivitamins for a moment.

There are hundreds of brands in many department stores and pharmacies. They are easily accessible and are inexpensive. Many are even doctor recommended. On the other hand, multivitamins don’t exactly ‘replenish’ a vitamin deficiency. In fact, according to experts, they might not do anything at all!

On top of that, you’re taking in synthetic chemicals used in the processing of the supplement. Doesn’t seem like the best use of money if you take all these ‘filler pills’ with no major benefits or long term effects.

Next, exercise regiments/programs.

In comparison to supplements, effects from workouts are felt through dopamine release in the brain and physical results are visible. Exercise and movement is important to keep a healthy body, and along with a healthy diet it does wonders for the body. In addition with taking a lot of time to lose weight, most people simply don’t have the focus to keep up with a specific program. They will do it for a short period of time, feel like they’ve earned a reward which deters them from abstaining from junk foods and drinks, and over time they will stop being consistent with their progress and results. Later, they will end up blaming the program being ineffective, look for something else, and lose money in the long run. Again, this isn’t about everyone, but the vast majority end up following this cycle and giving up.

Diet fads also share some commonalities with exercise regiments as they are usually done together. From liquid diets, ketogenic diets, alkaline diets, raw foods diets, and so on, there are many to choose from and it takes time to see results. Diets certainly play a big role in one’s health. Just like workout programs, those who go on a diet, go primarily not to be ‘healthy’ per se, but to lose weight. Some diet plans may work in the short term, some may even extend to several months if done with perseverance. Unfortunately, these methods are not enough for long lasting health. Some diets are just flat out DANGEROUS. The understanding that diets are simply for weight loss is very superficial. It misses the point of restoring and maintaining the body in as pristine condition as possible.

What people don’t realize is that health is more than just physical exercise and eating well to maintain working bodily functions. Health also includes the psychological aspect, being clear-minded and balancing stress, and breathing, the purity of oxygen and air being put into the body.  I am not denying that there are some very good options that can increase the longevity and overall health of people. There are many successful things that have been created and implemented that have given people breakthroughs in their health. What I am saying is that in the pursuit of good health, quality isn’t always first. When people hear they need to drink more water, they may reach over for bottled water or tap water, unaware of the quality of the water and the added chemicals, the source of where it came from, and the legitimacy of the company. When people are told to eat more fruits or vegetables, they will go to the supermarket and buy conventional foods, which have wax coverings and pesticides. Even something as common as exercise can be problematic. When working out, people don’t always know the right techniques or proper methods of pulling and lifting, and end up getting hurt. According to the CDC, in 2014, there were over 39.5 MILLION people sent to the hospital due to injury and poisoning related causes.

Let’s say you do everything correct: eating organic, drinking clean water, exercising properly with a coach, going to the gym, taking time to meditate and learn new things. This is optimal for the general public (although consistency if executed will vary) but something is still missing. Day in and day out, your body is constantly working on removing toxins and keeping your system clean. External pollution in the air and water also aren’t very good for the body. There are still many diseases and ailments that can strike. The conventional foods and drinks that aren’t removed of impurities and chemicals get consumed and get in the body. Many people like to disregard that these additives have any significant effect on the body, but there’s more than meets the eye.

Additives and chemicals when introduced into the body don’t simply go in and out of the digestive system. Chemicals get spread all over the body when introduced to the circulatory system (i.e. entering the blood stream.) Whether you’re aware of it or not, it’s likely that there is a host of chemicals laying comfortably in the grooves of your brain, walls of your heart and intestines, and in your kidney and lungs. Take a close look on the food package’s ‘ingredients’ section and figure out why each ingredient is required. It takes a long time to clean out some of those toxins without reintroducing more and more chemicals. It’s these chemicals that contribute to psychological issues like irritability, brain fog, lethargy, and tiredness and exacerbate conditions like asthma, diabetes, and cancer. Other problems that occur due to toxicity in the body include acne, eczema, and hair loss.

I am implying a DIRECT connection between the body and mind. The quality of what goes into your body will certainly affect your body in some way. It’s absurd to think that additives and chemicals being put into the food, water, and air we consume won’t have an effect on our physical bodies and mental capabilities. The human body is a complicated and intricate system that relies on every other part to perform smoothly. Additives and chemicals in the brain play a huge role in disorder related to the nervous system as well as impurities in the guts and intestines lead to disorders with the digestive system. What affects one system, has a tremendous effect on the other system. This is where detoxing comes in.

Detoxification is the process of removing impurities from the body. There are various teas, herbs, supplements, techniques, and procedures that are implemented and advertised, usually placed in diet plans. There are some with really wonderful results, some really fatal, and the rest in between. Chances are you have heard of options such as cranberry and pomegranate juice detox, Yogi tea, fasting, and sweating. But have you heard of the solution, Haritaki?

Haritaki is a fruit that is utilized in Ayurvedic medicine. It is found in India and can be taken orally or through the skin. It can be taken in its whole form or as a powder. It can also be found in soap, mouthwash, toothpaste, oil and hair products. It is commonly known to be good for dropping high-blood pressure, easing constipation, lessening cholesterol, reduce cavities, improving metabolic function, and SO MUCH MORE. By Ayurvedic healers, Haritaki is known as the ‘king of medicines.’ They believe that it exists to eliminate disease, remove impurities from the body, and improve and promote tissue and cell regeneration. According to the Hindu incarnation, His Holiness Sri Paramahamsa Nithyananda, the consumption of pure Haritaki powder increases oxygen levels by 300%! It’s also noticed by consumers that after the first night, there is a noticeable, improved mental clarity the next morning. Blood gets purified, fat gets removed, and mental cognition improves drastically as the body rids itself of debilitating heavy metals and other chemicals in the body. The list goes on:

  • Improvement of skin conditions
  • Improvement of vision
  • Improvement of memory
  • Overall disease prevention
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Improved liver function
  • and the list goes on…..

It’s important to note that taking the right dose and consuming pure Haritaki (preferably in powder form, without capsule) without additives, along with pure water, affects the degree of these benefits. In combination with healthy life style changes, proper exercise, healthy foods, meditation, and engagement in life, Haritaki will be the greatest addition in your life you’ve never heard of.

*I am not a certified health practitioner. *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. *This article is for informational purposes.