When you find yourself going through a series of negative emotions and events, doing what is called the Completion Process will help you understand your past and look past your fears and insecurities, the events that made you start to feel powerless in life. In fact, this technique should be done by everything, regardless of disposition and current feelings.

This technique has been used since Vedic times, is mentioned in the Hindu scriptures which talks about the technologies, called the Agamas, and from my experience has an intense effect on your being. It can be done at any time in your life, regardless of where you are. Don’t treat this simply as knowledge, USE IT and feel the difference. This process requires 100% of your integrity and authenticity. In this post, I will write the first part.

                                                  Completion Process(Part 1)

You will need:

  • pencil
  • notebook
  • free time (set at least 30 minutes)
  • space where no one will bother you


Step 1:  Write down everything that is in your inner image (how you cognize yourself, the strong beliefs you carry about yourself, doubts and confusions, appearance), whether it be good, bad, or neutral. Write down as much as you can without any censoring. It has to be the RAW you. What do you tell yourself about you?

Step 2: Write down everything that is in your outer image (how you cognize you project yourself to others and the world [It can be as simple as ‘I am shy’ to ‘Even though I am quiet, I’m still very nice to most people.’]) Keep it RAW and REAL. What do you show others about yourself?

Step 3: Write down everything that’s in your others’ image(how others cognize you as of NOW, internal and external). What statements have they described you with?

Step 4: Write down what’s in your life image(how you feel about life). Use ALL of the words, statements and beliefs you have towards life. What do you feel life is? Write down EVERYTHING!

Remember: This assignment is only as effective as serious, honest, and authentic as you take it and write it. Do not try to sugar coat or re-word. (This reflects another part of you, being afraid to face what you always think about yourself.) Be integrated and write exactly as you feel happened. Write down only your current beliefs, not what you want to become. Even if you don’t want to face a certain part of you, just write it down (Be RAW.) Whatever it is you write is meant only for your eyes, no one else.


“Simply perform every task with your Being; it becomes a meditation.