How many times have we heard from others to try new things and go to new places in order to find ourselves? How often do we feel lost in our lives and ‘look’ for who we are?

As the phrase never really made sense to me, my personal question is ‘What exactly are you supposed to be looking for?’ Are you looking for what you like? What you’re good at? What interests you? What makes you feel fulfilled?

The reason why I address this quote is because it’s very misleading and is likely one of the many reasons people are complacent with the lives they live.

What I am saying doesn’t refer to the quote in itself. What I am referring to is the belief system that supports and is supported by this idea.

How can you find what exists outside of you? Even if you find it, is it you? How do you know?

What happens if you don’t ever find that which makes you who you are?

If we follow the the idea that out external projections are a reflection of what’s inside us, you and your ideas are all created.

Your created this idea of ‘finding yourself.’

There is no finding yourself; you can only create yourself.

You won’t always be able to find what you’re looking for, but you can always create what it is you want.

You are a creator. A creator who has forgotten their true ability.

Take action and create who you want to become.


Maybe you have a different idea on this phrase. Please comment below and share your take on the phrase and how it serves you.


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