First of all, I would like to take a moment to thank you for following my blog. In spite of the fact I can’t put faces and personalities to profiles and usernames, I’m grateful for how many ever people actively read my posts.

So where have I been? More importantly, what have I gone through in these past several months?

My blog has been and is still devoted to sharing and exploring all aspects of spirituality as well as techniques and frames of mind that break away from our past selves and push us towards being what we desire to become. As long as we hold onto our past ideas and refuse to update our cognitions and behaviors, we will always dream of becoming something better than our current selves but will never get there. For far too long, I lived in a mindset of perpetual scarcity that put me in a space of disengagement from life and faced countless anxieties about my existence as a result.

These past few months I’ve learned so much about myself and I’ve barely scratched the surface. I have so much to share and hope you will be patient as I find ways to illustrate my experiences, ideas, and the techniques I’ve learned along the way.

To address the first question, I have been immersed in learning about wealth and accumulating business acumen from my mentor. What exactly do money and business have to do with spirituality?

The manner in which you engage with anything in life has spirituality at the heart of it. In a nutshell, how you engage with anything, including family, friends, ideas, opinions, yourself, money, food, literally anything, reflects directly what’s going on internally within you. Every day, this principle becomes more and more apparent within me. With such awareness, it’s no wonder why ‘enlightenment’ seems impossible and too abstract for others to grasp.

The second question is much harder to answer. A transformation never really begins or ends: it’s happening. When you look from your past until your present moment, you may see stark differences. As we all know, an individual’s journey is never over. The question then becomes, what am I going to become?

As you reflect each day, ask yourself these questions:

What am I doing? Why am I doing it? Does it serve me any purpose and the life I want to live?

I used to feel that I should simply do what I love and the wealth and money will come; that if I just follow my heart and passions, then I will find myself and my purpose.

The truth is the self is never found. You will never ‘find’ yourself.

The self is created from the inside out.

I dedicate this chapter of my posts to my mentor, Dan Lok, who has not only given me the tools to improve my financial situation, understand people, and communicate better but who also has shown me what it means to be a leader, to add value to others’ lives, how to impact countless lives, and what it means to be the best of the best.

I will do my best to be of value and service to anyone who comes into my life.







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