Chances are, if you are reading this, you have access to technology and Internet. You likely live in or near an industrialized area. You require food for nourishment, so you go to the supermarket or your local farmers market. Such is the back bone of modern civilization. With the advancement and convenience of these technologies, we’ve become much more aware of what is going on outside of us: news, weather, latest trends, gossip, and other things that people share. We are learning to make more informed decisions, follow our intellect, use facts and manage our lives.

As a result of this convenience, we have also become very alienated from ourselves. In our world of commodities, we’ve sucked ourselves in pleasure. We avoid negative stimuli and things that are completely out of our comfort zones. We’ve lost touch with our origin and spirit.

So what does this do with an aghori? What is an aghori?

Aghoris are humans that have completely renounced their pleasures and comforts in order to connect with God. They reside in India, doing unconventional things that modern man condemns as barbaric and insane. This include things like walking around naked, wallowing in cremation ground ash, eating only out of a human skull, even eating human body parts.

Media portrays these people as sickened, deluded, disgusting, related synonyms, to the extent that it’s fascinating to see. For the majority, the life of an Aghori would be the last thing we’d want to end up becoming. How could people want to give up their material comforts? How could they leave their families and jobs? How could they give all that up, for THIS?

In short, the mind of an aghori is limitless. Outside from their bizarre appearance, aghoris are actually incredibly intelligent and compassionate. They know how modern man has vicariously created an idea of life, a kind of idea that separates the mind and body. Ideas that rationalize man goes through, accept the hate and division that happen between others, the duality man faces today.

Instead of procrastinating, going to counseling, suppressing, ignoring, accepting this tension is normal, Aghoris do the opposite: they will literally jump into their fears without a second thought or hesitation. Anything they feel negativity towards, they will embrace it until the feelings melt down. If they realize they don’t like someone, they’ll find that person and release the negativity. If they fear their own demise, they’ll go to a cremation ground and embrace the ash. Aghoris know the truth, the mind is the lock and key to your enlightenment.

Your mind makes the images you fear. Your mind can also disspell the images.

What do you think? Post below.


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