After doing the completion process, there will be so much clarity and understanding. You will feel reborn and no longer shackled to the emotional baggage you’ve previously subjected yourself through for so long. This contrast is exactly what life is: going through a situation and when realizing the solution, understanding there was never a problem. In truth, everything you feel about life and yourself is nothing more than a projection. We don’t see stars as they are currently, we are looking at them as they were in a point in their past. The light simply takes a long time to reach us. In the same way, we don’t see ourselves currently, we see ourselves in relation to our past. Whether it’s positive or negative, there isn’t right and wrong. There simply is.

In-completions do not create dilemmas or problems. They create delusions. These delusions become the ruler with which you measure and compare experiences. It’s through this lens that you experience problems. When you remove the in-completion, you see a larger scope of reality. That doesn’t mean new in-completions can’t emerge. There is one piece of truth that must be told, and that is don’t assume every problem and issue you have with yourself is a product of your in-completions and environmental triggers. No problem comes from outside of you.

There is a simple answer. That is, all big dilemmas in life are caused by casual thoughts. Don’t ever think desperation, anxiety, and dilemmas are caused by the depth of your in-completions. By thinking this, you will only add on another in-completion. Your over-thinking and over-analysis generates this bi-product of dilemma. Not only does all that over-thinking create these problems, it uses up glucose that your brain uses for other functions. This results in feeling tired and lethargic.

Simply, being aware is enough to put some of those dilemmas to rest. Meditate. Smile. Be active. Complete.


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