By this point, you should feel as if a large load has been lifted off your shoulders. Perhaps the reliving portion hasn’t completely set in, but that is okay. Keep trying and persist until the emotions from that event leave your system.

The final step in the completion process may be a challenge for most people. For the final step, you must confront the people or person that’s involved in your in-completions.

For many people, this step will be neglected which isn’t terrible, but it is this step that will truly liberate you and the other party.

When you talk to the other person, you ask them to simply listen to what you have to say. Talk about each relevant event and what you went through. When you do this, don’t attack, hurl abuse, or harm them in any way. You tell them the situation in the space that you experienced it and as objective as possible. Use phrases like “I felt like….”, “When *this* happened, I did *this*”, and so on. At the end of your talk, firmly declare to yourself and the other that you’ll never allow this emotion or experience to interfere with your life again. Chances are the other person will respond in 4 ways:

  1. The other person will have been also affected by the experience and will also want to say something about it. Usually, they will also feel very relieved at the end.
  2. The other person will feel offended and try to attack or insult you. Don’t entertain the other part when this happens; just thank them for listening and give them space.
  3. The other person will be confused as to why you’re even talking about this. You can tell them the truth. Keep it personal.
  4. The other person won’t care.

Regardless of the reaction, this exercise gives both parties some form of relief. This is ultimately to give you a deeper sense of closure and really get rid of the engrams that remain in your bio-memory. Do this with emotion, you have to feel the emotions rise when you confront the other party. In the event that the other party is deceased, you can use a picture of them.

This completion process is not created by me. I learned it from my master, Paramahamsa Nithyananda, and am simply spreading the technique for all to use. My master himself also is not the creator of this technique. It can be found in the Agamas, one of the Hindu scriptures.

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