So far in the completion process, we have reflected and written down what is in our totality of images as well as the ideal images we want to embody and radiate. For many, there will be more differences than similarities. Ultimately, we want to take the parts that make us feel weak and powerless and change them in order to change our limiting beliefs and cognition. We want to be congruent across all four images.

Now that we’ve written what we currently have and what we want, we have to go to the next part. This section of the process deals directly with the emotions, thoughts, and senses that come to us when we think of each statement. Let us work with the example, in my inner image, I cognize that I am shy and quiet. In my outer image, I cognize that I am extroverted and talkative. When I engage in the behavior of socializing, the friction between these two images will occur in. I feel that I’m not being ‘myself’ (inner image) and my outer image will constantly interrupt me and say how I am not being myself, that I should just stick to listening and not interrupt those who are talking. In truth, it’s not even required that you have a statement about yourself. The whole point of this exercise is to find out which parts of you aren’t integrated (and believe me when I say there is a lot of parts that need to be handled.) If you notice that there is a congruence that you don’t like (outer image is “I am a nobody” and others’ image is “I am a nobody”) then you are more than obligated to your higher self to change it immediately. So how do we fix these in-completions? This is the part where you ‘face yourself’.

First, reflect on the image you want to have, that makes you feel powerful, free and ever-expansive. Then, refer to the image that you have. When you experience the image you currently have, there will be phrases, emotions, and memories that come rushing through your system that may contradict what you want. This ‘gap’ is what you’re going to be bridging. Understand that all these emotions and feelings stem from events in your life that shape the way you see yourself and others.

For each statement you wrote for your current images, write down everything that pops up in your mind. It’s important that you write as vividly and detailed as you possibly can. This can be in the form of sense experiences, things certain people said to you (or you told yourself), events of things that happened, even illogical things (you might think of a toy, a TV show, game, or something completely random.) The mind is powerful, but it isn’t rational or logical in the way we think of it. Whatever comes up, extract it from the mind and put it in writing so you can see the baselessness of it.

Chances are there will be some traumatic events, events that you want to suppress and never recall again. It doesn’t take a counselor to remind you that anything repressed doesn’t stay down forever and will become a huge drive in the guilt and fear one experiences in their life. Write it as consciously and as detailed as possible.

*Please leave a comment or message me if you have any questions, comments, concerns, or insights thus far. We still have another few parts to go over!*




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