The individual Atman can be divided into 4 parts.

The Inner Image – the way that you think, feel, believe, perceive about yourself. This includes personal descriptions (I am tall, smart, attractive, ugly, weak, depressed, shy, extroverted, a doctor, easily distracted, weird, a loner, popular…) ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you cognize about yourself.

The Outer Image – the way you project yourself to others, any image of yourself you assume yourself as towards family, friends, strangers, animals, and so on. (I am relaxed, down to earth, shy, introverted, happy, intelligence, more rational than ___,just a child…) ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you project yourself to be to others.

The Others’ Image – the way others perceive you. These are the judgements, ideas, expectations, and opinions that others have about you, whether or not you are aware of them. (He/She is silly, fun, cute, annoying, quiet, stupid, a loser, cool, fun to be around, strange, creepy, should be doing _____,…) ANYTHING and EVERYTHING others feel about you.

The Life Image – the way you cognize and believe about life. Your general idea and feelings towards life and meaning of existence. (Life is great, okay, so-so, terrible, life, unfair, who cares, nothing, meaningless…) ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you feel towards life.

(The reason I put anything and everything in caps is because there are images and beliefs you have that you feel don’t have an influence on other aspects in your life. However, like your body systems, every part of you is connected.)

What others call ego is a conflict between images, which create in-completions. There is no other force acting in the individual besides you, the Atman. In-completions occur as a result of feeling weak, angry, confused, irritated, any negative association that makes you feel POWERLESS in ANY situation. Unfortunately, there are a lot of conflicts that stem from events in your life which you identify yourself as. This false association leads to the creation of these in-completions. Even with intellectual understanding and time between events, emotion and fear will always hold a tighter grip until it’s been faced and melted down in your system. It is this phase of seeking that traps and deludes all seekers. The toughest part of the spiritual journey is going through these in-completions in the self, making oneself complete, reaching the state of origin (enlightenment).


The Completion Process, Part 1

You will need:

a note book, a pencil, time for yourself, and a space where you can’t be bothered.

For each image, write down everything that you belief and identify with, each image being on a separate page.

No matter how silly or insecure you may feel, just write it down. Never try to sugar coat anything you say.

Do this with authenticity and honesty.

Whatever you write down should be written the way you would say it to yourself: raw.

Whatever you write is for your eyes only.



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