I’m sure you’ve heard of the ego, as many people falsely associated with the self. In context to Sigmund Freud’s idea of psychoanalysis, ego is the self, constantly in dilemma with the id and superego. A grossly simplified explanation is the self is in constant dilemma with the devil and angel, both of which are construed within the individual. For many, this idea is easy to understand and relate with because it puts into perspective what a problem is and where it comes from.

The belief and association to the ego is problematic. Among the mass, the word ‘ego’ has  negative connotations, being selfish and full of desire. Guilt is a common feeling that comes as a result of associating the self as the ego. Outside of many people’s awareness, this idea of ‘ego’ creates a story-like interpretation of the individual that creates a form of feeling of accomplishment in life. This is detrimental to the individual self because it creates a general sense of justifying poor dispositions and outcomes and as a result, it allows complacency.

There is nothing wrong with having desires and wanting ‘more.’ As an existential being, you’re entitled to the universe and what it has to offer. However, there’s something wrong with greed and over-consumption.

There is nothing wrong with feeling afraid, fearful, or embarrassed. In some point of your life, an event has occurred in which these engrams have been placed in your bio-memory. However, there is something wrong with realizing it and not taking action to remove the engrams from your system.

You are NOT your experiences.

Your experiences are NOT related in any way, you’ve just created a time-line association.

You are NOT required to act upon a thought or idea.

You are NOT required to run your life.

You are NOT the ego.






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